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October 4, 2017

Bill Sweat, Winderlea Vineyard & Winery – Inside the Vintners Circle

Bill Sweat, proprietor of Winderlea Vineyard & Winery leaves us on a cliff-hanger with his last answer in today’s installment of Inside the Vintners Circle!

Before meeting Oregon’s premiere winemakers in person at the event, get to know the 2017 ¡Salud! Vintners Circle winemakers just a little bit better.

  1. What is the one thing (or things) you never leave the house without? Some people might disagree, but I’m going to say it’s my sense of humor.
  2. Right or left handed?  I throw and bat right handed.
  3. Cats, dogs, fish, snakes, birds, pigs, dinosaurs? What type of pets do you have?  Two Labradoodles named Monty and Celie, Chickens named Etta, Gracie, Rocky, June & Chita, and as yet unnamed bees because there are so many of them and they don’t stay still long enough to get to know them.
  4. If you could see any deceased musician perform, who would you choose?  Stevie Ray Vaughan.  There’s a story about that and you should ask Donna about it when you see her.

Join us at this year’s ¡Salud! on November 10 and 11 and get to know the Vintners Circle winemakers in person!  Click here to purchase your tickets online. Don’t wait, tickets are selling quickly!

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