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October 5, 2017

Luisa Ponzi, Ponzi Vineyards – Inside the Vintners Circle

This winemaker is all about family… and Lucky Charms. It’s Ponzi Vineyards’ winemaker, Luisa Ponzi! Get to know this second-generation winemaker in today’s Inside the Vintners Circle.

Before meeting Oregon’s premiere winemakers in person at the event, get to know the 2017 ¡Salud! Vintners Circle winemakers just a little bit better.

  1. What is the one thing (or things) you never leave the house without? Phone and wallet (I don’t own a purse!)
  2. Right or left handed? Right.
  3. How do you unwind after a long day?  Super stupid TV, popcorn and sparkling.
  4. What do you like best about Oregon? Coming home to it…we live in a beautiful part of the world!
  5. Early bird or night owl? Night owl, definitely!
  6. Guiltiest pleasure? Lucky Charms.
  7. What is your favorite season? Fall.
  8. Cats, dogs, fish, snakes, birds, pigs, dinosaurs? What type of pets do you have?  Goats, cows, dog, cat and bees.
  9. What word describes you best?  Late.
  10. What is your greatest accomplishment? My four amazing children.
  11. Who do you admire? My husband.
  12. If you were invisible, where would you go?  To my kid’s schools.
  13. What traits in others are you attracted to? Kindness, empathy.
  14. If you were on an island, who would you want to be with? Why? Eric, no question.
  15. What is your current favorite TV show to binge-watch? Jane the Virgin.
  16. If today was your last day on Earth, what would your last meal be? Whatever my mother makes.
  17. What book can you read over and over again? My Antonia by Willa Cather.  Every year.
  18. If you could see any deceased musician perform, who would you choose? Michael Jackson.

Join us at this year’s ¡Salud! on November 10 and 11 and get to know the Vintners Circle winemakers in person!  Click here to purchase your tickets online. Don’t wait, tickets are selling quickly!

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