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October 18, 2017

Sealed Bids – FAQ

What is a “sealed bid” and how does it work? Learn how to bid on 42 Oregon Pinot Noir cuvées available only through ¡Salud!, even if you can’t join us at the event.

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Q: What is a sealed bid?

A sealed bid is an indication that you’d like to bid on a single-case (12 bottle) lot of Pinot Noir cuvée created by a member of the Vintners Circle. Only five cases are available from each Vintners Circle winery, and the Big Board Auction is your only opportunity to purchase these 2016 Pinot Noir cuvées, created especially for ¡Salud!.

A sealed bid indicates which winery cuvée you’d like to bid on and the amount you’d be willing to pay. We’ll enter your bid on your behalf at the event. If your bid is among the top five bids for your preferred winery when the bidding closes, you’ll win one case of Pinot Noir cuvée.

Q: Should I place a sealed bid?
If you’re unable to attend the Friday Cuvée Tasting & Big Board Auction, but would like to win a singe-case lot, you should place a sealed bid. From across the state, or even across the country, you can take part in the bidding action!

Q: How much can I bid?
The starting bid for each 12-bottle case is $600. Bids under $1,000 increase by $25, and bids over $1,000 increase by $50.

You can choose to place a sealed bid as a set amount, for example, $700. Or, you can indicate a max bid, for example, $1,500. If the bidding increases beyond your opening bid of $700, we’ll bid for you up until your max bid amount of $1,500.

Q: I really like the winery I’m placing a sealed bid with. What should I do?
If you are head-over-heels for one of our Vintners Circle wineries (how could you not be?), consider the “Buy Out” option by buying all five cases for $10,000*. If you want to make sure you’re the owner of all five cases, place a Buy Out sealed bid option for $10,000 and it will be yours!

*If any bid for a single case is $2,000 or more, a Buy Out option is not available.

Q: How do I place my sealed bid?
Download our Sealed Bid Form and mail to us at Tuality Healthcare Foundation 335 SE 8th Ave., Hillsboro, OR 97123 or call us at 503-681-1850.

Place a sealed bid now

Have questions? Please call us at 503-681-1850.


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