“How One Industry Gives Healthcare to Its Hard-to-Reach Migrant Workers”

With stories from ¡Salud! Founder, Nancy Ponzi, and an update from ¡Salud! Services manager, Leda Garside, VICE Magazine illustrates why ¡Salud! is important now more than ever.

“That stress of living in this uncertainty, it adds a lot,” she said. “You were promised one thing and went from one area of hope and now we are in an area of, we don’t know. That creates a lot of stress, and that stress is reflected physically.” – Leda Garside, RN, MBA, ¡Salud! Services Manager

Thank you to VICE Magazine reporter Emily Gillespie and photographer Toni Greaves for accompanying ¡Salud! Services to a mobile health clinic in the summer of 2018.

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